When You Might Need A Conveyancing Solicitor Before Making An Offer

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Buying a property is often perceived as a milestone achievement, marking the beginning of a new chapter. However, the journey to property ownership can come with unexpected challenges, not seen by the untrained eye, as the Morecrofts discovered in their nightmare propoerty transaction. In 2018, they purchased of a property in the Gold Coast suburb of Mermaid Beach, only to find themselves entangled in a complex legal battle over ownership rights well after settlement. Their experience serves as a stark reminder of the importance of legal clarity in property transactions and the crucial role that conveyancing solicitors play in safeguarding buyers’ interests. This article delves into their story and highlights why engaging a conveyancing solicitors and property law experts such as HTW Legal early in the buying process is essential for navigating the intricate landscape of property law.

Please note: In Queensland, conveyancing is handled by solicitors, not conveyancers. It’s crucial to work with conveyancing solicitors for legal protection.

Background Story:

In 2018, the Morecrofts embarked on the journey of purchasing a property in the Gold Coast suburb of Mermaid Beach. Like many buyers, they thought the hard part was over once the deal was sealed. However, they were in for a shock.

Ownership Dispute:

The ownership dispute stemmed from the previous owner, Ms. Issa, whose property was fraudulently mortgaged by a family member, allegedly forging her signature without her knowledge. Despite paying $1.265 million for the house, the court ruled that the property still legally belonged to Ms. Issa.

Legal Complexity:

The court’s decision left the Morecrofts facing significant financial and legal challenges. They argued that they shouldn’t lose their investment due to someone else’s fraud. However, legal principles favoured Ms. Issa’s registered ownership over the Morecrofts’ equitable interest.

Registrar’s Involvement:

Adding to the complexity, the sale and transfers in 2018 were done through paper submission and not electronically. Despite advancements in property settlements, such as the PEXA platform, fraud still occurs. This highlights the vulnerability even in modern times, where a single court case could upturn your life, especially when your entire savings are tied up in a legal battle.

How Did This Happen?

The Morecrofts thought they had secured legal ownership through proper registration. However, the fraudulent actions tainted their title, rendering it invalid. They only held an equitable interest, which couldn’t override Ms. Issa’s legal ownership. It’s important to be aware that property ownership can be revoked even after settlement.

Seeking Compensation:

While compensation was awarded, the legal system expects due diligence from buyers to mitigate issues and ensure a smooth transaction.

Avoiding Similar Pitfalls:

To prevent such nightmares, buyers should take proactive steps: Due Diligence:
  1. Secure the services of reputable property law professionals, such as HTW Legal, early in the process to receive comprehensive legal guidance and ensure protection throughout. With HTW Legal, you are not only working with esteemed gold coast conveyancers, but you also have access to a strong team of professionals seasoned in litigation, dispute resolution, and complex property law. This ensures thorough property settlement and peace of mind for QLD buyers.
  1. Prior to signing any documents, consult with a property law expert like HTW Legal to safeguard against potential problems and ensure a smooth transaction. Whether you’re in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, finding the right property lawyers nearby is crucial for a hassle-free buying process.
In conclusion, the Morecrofts’ ordeal underscores the importance of legal clarity in property transactions. Despite advancements, fraud remains a threat. Vigilance and legal precautions, along with choosing reputable professionals, can spare buyers from similar fates. While the Morecrofts continue their court battle to reclaim additional costs, the fact that they have already been criticised for not taking certain steps, such as reviewing the auction contract prior to auction day, thoroughly examining the sales contract, and investigating the caveat on the property, could be taken into consideration when they pursue further compensation and could prolong the legal process even further, making this a nightmare transaction for them.


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