The Importance of Protecting Your Trust Deed:

What to Do if Lost and How HTW Legal Can Help

Losing the original copy of your Trust Deed can be a nightmare scenario for trustees. Beyond the inconvenience, it can lead to significant legal and financial ramifications. As a trustee, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safe custody of this vital document. But what if it’s lost? What are your options?

Here’s a breakdown of what trustees can do in such situations:

  1. Execute a New Trust Deed: While this might seem like a straightforward solution, it’s not without its drawbacks. Creating a new Trust Deed can be deemed as resettling the trust, potentially triggering capital gains tax and stamp duty costs. Additionally, beneficiaries may not be satisfied with this outcome.
  2. Enter into a Deed of Ratification: This option is feasible if a copy of the Trust Deed exists. However, it’s not without its limitations. Banks may not accept such deeds, beneficiaries might challenge the terms, and there could be adverse tax implications.
  3. Applying to the Court: This is often the safest course of action. By involving the court, trustees and beneficiaries gain “court protection” against dissatisfied parties and potential claimants. The court can provide guidance and make decisions regarding the lost Trust Deed. However, navigating this process requires legal expertise to ensure all necessary information and justifications are provided.

In such complex legal matters, seeking assistance from professionals is paramount. HTW Legal, based on the Gold Coast, specialises in trust-related issues and can provide the necessary guidance and support. Our experienced solicitors can help trustees navigate the court application process efficiently, reducing the costs and complexities associated with such endeavours.

Don’t let the loss of your Trust Deed become a legal headache. Contact HTW Legal to ensure the protection and preservation of your trust’s integrity.

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